Capability Statement

Our management team is comprised of business professionals with successful track records in delivering gains in efficiency and effectiveness including through:
   Core Competencies

Washington DC Headquarters leading private international Equitable Economic Development, Business, Industrial Organizational and Public Affairs Advisory firm that works with government and commercial clients around the United States and the globe to deliver practical solutions and achieve lasting results. Founded in 2017, by Dr. Connell Wise, DDiv a third Generation Washingtonian, to help low-income Youth & at-risk business owners start and grow profitable and fully licensed business in the District of Columbia. CW&A provides a wide range of full services to our clients including but not limited to: business technical assistance, referral services, entrepreneurship training, access to capital, bookkeeping, policy research, information technology (IT) services, and government relations.


Past Performance

DC Department of Employment Services
DC Department of Small & Local Business Development 
DC Mayor Office on Veteran Affairs, Technical Assistance 
United States Department of State -vFY15RR0008
Life Assets, Inc. - Micro Loans, Operations consulting
GJ Consulting – Business Intelligence
1911 United -Political Consulting

Former DC Government Worker
Former US Coast Guard Aux Officer
Benefits Corp Pending
DC Native Owned and Operated
Black Owned 100% Disabled Owned
LGBTQ+ Managemental/Owned

Company Data

  List Pertinent Codes

Small disadvantage Black-American Owned Business Development, Equitable Economic Development/Innovation and Industrial-Organizational Advisory Firm based In Washington, DC

Registered Company Name: CW&A, LLC  
Employer Identification Number: 82-3497713
Zoning Permit Number: EHOP17996143
General Business Licenses:400318802798
Certified Business Enterprise Certification Number: LSZR84984102021
Corporation Type: LLC
Benefits Corporation: Pending
HUD Section 3 business

NIGP: 9180000, 9180405, 9182000, 9187500, 9612800, 9241600, 9611000,9520000,9525900
NAICS: 2086800, 918-21-00, AE26, 918-32-00 918-32,918-35-00,918-36-00 ,918-37-00,918-37-15,918-49-14 ,918-38-00,918-38-22,918-44-00,918-46-00,918-49-00,918-49-14,918-58-00,918-65-00,918-66-00,918-67-00
Payment requirements: We accept Major credit cards, Bitcoin, P Cards and Certified Check