Wisely Building Equitable Pathways to the Middle-Class
Focusing on Social Impact and Equitable economic development unlocks the full potential of the local economy by dismantling barriers and expanding opportunities for low-income people and underrepresented communities.  CW&A, LLC achieves our goal of building  Entrepreneurial Eco-systems by creating an actual pathway to the middle class. Our goal is secured through Educational assistance,  connecting business-owners to city services, providing access to Capital, and by promoting social Entrepreneurship and Civic Engagement.
Who are we?
Connell Wise & Associates, LLC, based in Washington D.C. (CW&A), is a boutique advisory firm that focuses on International Equitable Business Development, Industrial Organizational and Public Affairs. The firm works with government and commercial clients around the world to deliver practical solutions and achieve lasting results. 

Founded by Dr. Connell Wise in 2017, CW&A was initially formed to assisrt Youth & under-represented business owners and entrepreneurs in creating profitable and fully licensed businesses in the District of Columbia.

CW&A provides a wide range of services to our clients including but not limited to: business technical assistance, referral services, entrepreneurship training, access to capital, bookkeeping, policy research, and government relations. CW&A strives to offer diverse services that icncrease our clients’ wealth, assets, and business leadership knowledge. 


List of all our Services
Government Affairs
​​Business Development
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Need help taking your venture to the next level? Let our Certfied Consultant take the the brain drain out of the solution. With  our visioning and organization development consulting to Fortune 500 companies, professional services firms, non-profit organizations, social ventures, and small to mid-size businesses nation-wide 
Informed in the law, the process, the politics, and the players. We can provide you with a full multitude of government relation services

Let CW&A connect you with the advisors to help with short and long-term strategic planning.

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Since 2017
Our Impact

Helped Business Secured Micro- Financings of $45,000​​​

Veterans and Under-Represented Persons Helped
Helped create Businesses in Washington, DC

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