The Wise Institute is the education arm of Connell Wise & Associates, LLC (CW&A). The Wise Institute provides education opportunities for low-income peoples and communities of color. Our goal is to help these communities create equitable pathways to the middle-class by giving them the tools and knowledge to acquire and pursue middle-class career tracks. We also encourage our students to start their own business to help create economic opportunities for their communities, promote civic engagement, and teach them valuable skills that can help boost their careers.

Each Class at Wise Institute comes with a Signed Certificate of Completion from our CEO & our Education partner.
Our programs are WIOA-approved Workforce Career training programs. Designed to provide you with the Pathways to Opportunity

Why earn a Certification with us?

Respect as a professional
A competitive advantage when marketing your services
A sense of achievement and confidence
A credential for your resume when applying for jobs
Assurance to clients of your professionalism
Evidence of your expertise

Higher earnings (according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in Certificates: A fast track to careers)

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You can earn a certificate online more quickly and affordably than many other educational options. Talk to an Academic Advisor Today at info @